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Wine Workouts: Fun Ways to Keep Your NYR

Every year, we make--and usually break--several resolutions to exercise. This year, why not pair wine with exercise to give yourself a little extra motivation? People laugh when we say this but the truth is that wine can actually be a refreshing reward after exercise, just like reaching for a glass of water or a sports drink.

The age-old go-to for many people after exercise is usually a beer but why not wine? Not only is it lower in calories but it also has several heart-healthy benefits, including improved physical performance and muscle strength.

Check out our top pairings of wine with the exercises you love! Please serve all wines (even the reds) chilled!

Nothing says a reward after a run like a light effervescent white wine like a vinho verde or a txakolina to refresh the body and mind after a hard run.

We choose bubbly of any kind, which clears the palate and wakes up the taste buds kind of like a brisk open water swim. We almost think a sip of bubbly before the swim would help warm you up and power you on the swim.

We tend to get a great workout when we spin (i.e. there’s lots of sweating) so we reach for a Sancerre rouge which is pinot noir grown in the same soil as their more famous sibling Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc). Think tart cherry with great seashell minerality – Yum!

Our go to with bike riding or cycling is a crisp rose (Provence style) nice medium weight wine with good fruit and minerality to quench your thirst after your ride.

When you get your Zen on, the perfect go to is a Beaujolais Nouveau. With great dark red fruit and terroir, we liken this wine, which is meant to be drunk upon release, as a ‘new beginning’. We sometimes feel after a yoga class we are ready to take on the day!

Nothing says refreshment after a hike in the woods like a lighter style Rhone varietal. Our go to is a Cinsault or a Carignane, both terrific wines on their own, they are usually used as a blending grape for a Cotes Du Rhone. Seek out a Cinsault Rose and be prepared to be delighted!

Nothing says a more perfect pairing than tennis and Sauvignon Blanc. We choose a more fruit forward version like a California or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc where the fruit is the star to refresh and energize after the match.

Rounding out the sports, nothing says refreshing like a Lambrusco. Hailing from Northern Italy (where soccer is as important as religion) and with a light effervescence, this wine refreshes the body with notes of strawberry, blueberry and great minerality.

Each of these wines would pair well with a Salted Caramel GU, our personal favorite!

So use our motto on the go or at your next race – water during the race, but wine at the finish – you deserve it! Happy Exercising!

Written by: Carla McKay 

Be sure to follow Carla on Instagram @carlamckay 

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