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Why You Need a Bike Fit

How many of us have posted a picture on our bike and have gotten everyone’s advice on how our bike fit is? Is this something we should be listening to? Do we really need to get our bike fit? Here are a few of the top reasons to get a bike fit!


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  • Riding a bike should be comfortable. We shouldn’t have sore necks, hands, backs or unmentionables. Discomfort should come from tired legs and burning lungs; not pain such as numbness, hotness, or searing. If you are experiencing any sort of pain while riding, get in to see an expert asap because that is not normal. The pain you are feeling can easily be fixed with a few adjustments and pro tips from your fitter.


  • With a proper fit, our pedal stroke and aerodynamics will work with us not against us. Comfort and efficiency go together like Tris and Mai Tais. A bike fitter will work with your body to get you in the position with the most power and comfort to help you perform. Let’s work with what we got to help us crush our goals.


  • Riding a bicycle is basically locking our bodies into a set position of repetitive movements. A poor position can lead to soreness in hands, feet, knees, shoulders, and back. None of these feelings are normal; we should not feel pain while cycling, we should feel strong and able. For most of us, triathlon is a hobby turned into a lifestyle and staying healthy and injury free is high on our priority list.   

BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)

  • Signing up for your first triathlon? What about your first Ironman!? You are committed and ready to put the work in. You will be spending hours on your bike, let's make sure you get to the start line. A bike fit is one of the first steps to making sure you stay fit and healthy ready to take on your BHAG!

If you have been riding your bike for a while without pain and never got a fit it is still a great idea to go in and get it done, it is never too late. The more miles we log the more our bodies change; a fit will make sure that we are able to get the most out of our efforts and bodies. The changes during a bike fit might be minimal to the eye but will usually play a huge role in gains and feel. Remember we as triathletes run off of the bike, we need to feel fresh and ready to take on our run! 

Written by Mandi Nilsen, Tri Sirena Luminary 

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