what you need to know to become a brand ambadassor

What You Need to Know to Become a Brand Ambassador

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, promoting your brand is essential. This impacts everything from raising awareness of who you are as a brand to encouraging potential customers to purchase your products. These all come down to online visibility and brand ambassadors are your best friends here.

A brand ambassador is sort of like your company’s mascot, but a lot better. They’re the ones representing your company or startup, advertising your products or services, and doing so in front of a potentially huge audience.

Becoming a brand ambassador is super exciting! Here’s what you need to know:

Marketing Knowledge

A brand ambassador responsibility is to help market your product, so they should have a basic understanding of the core concepts of marketing. More importantly, highly successful brand ambassadors have an appreciation for marketing itself, and are driven to introduce unique and genuine ideas to the modern world. They intuitively grasp what it means to trigger referrals and grow an audience through digital marketing.

Online Presence

Establishing your online presence is crucial to the success of any business. In order for a brand ambassador to maximize their potential, they must reach as many people as they can. This can be done by being active on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can also be done by being at your events and making sure their photos are shared on these same social channels.

online prescene when being a brand ambadassor

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your brand ambassador needs to have thirty thousand followers, nor thousands of contacts. However, they should actively engage in high presence online channels by creating content and urging consumers to be aware of your products and company.


In order to attract people, and make them want to listen to your messaging, brand ambassadors need leadership abilities. Those who give off confidence and positivity are those who succeed in attracting an audience and building credibility. Being an active listener, inspiring others, and sharing personal experiences are all great ways to lead an audience towards your brand’s unique value proposition. Building relationships and creating connections with others are also powerful tools to increase exposure and enhance your brand.

Properly Using Feedback

Many people are sensitive to feedback. People can get incredibly mean on social media. Being a brand ambassador means knowing how to deal with harsh criticism, and not taking it personally. Instead, use this feedback as an opportunity and learn more about how to make your brand better. With this innovative insight, the company, startup, or brand can finally evolve.

Tri Sirena’s Ambassadorial Mission

Awareness is a crucial part of Tri Sirena’s mission. Stefani Schuetz, our fearless CEO, and Co-Founder, is a successful brand ambassador. She has gone above and beyond in trying to raise attention to a sensitive subject - cancer.

Being a single mother at 25 was already challenging. Then she was diagnosed with stage two Melanoma and things went from overwhelming to downright frightening. Luckily, as the cancer hadn’t spread, she was able to remove it. Tri Sirena was created right then and there, with the realization that Stefani Schuetz had to protect her skin. She would do whatever it took to help other athletes like her prevent this deadly disease from entering their lives.

This powerful mission is not just another quest to market a brand or attract an audience. It’s a genuine story that empowers others to help raise awareness, stay protected, and at the same time, be a more efficient athlete. The incredible story of Stefani Schuetz has helped her inspire, lead, and promote her products in a unique way. By offering medically-approved, protective, and high-quality clothing (with a stylish spin), she’s attracted many to her mission and will continue to do so.

If you too want to take a stand and become a brand ambassador, you can. Join us as a Siren Luminary. Make sure to check out the awesome gear our Luminaries represent.

To stay updated, follow Tri Sirena on Instagram @Tri_Sirena_Apparel.
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I am a dermatology RN and a triathlete that would love to be incolved with this!!!! Your triathlon wear is gorgeous and I love the sun protection !!!! Great awareness !!!
Kd murphy RN. Wisconsin.

KD murphy

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