Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Hello old friend, I am so glad that I have found you again.

What year that we all have had. What a time of sorrow, anger, minimal joy, and disappointment that so many of us can speak to. However, the time always comes where we must take our experiences and do better and see more instead of less. Also, this time of year there is always the blurb, "New Year, New You!". Well, how about finding the old me? The person that was confident, had self-worth, and believed that so much as possible. Is that side of me gone? As little as three days ago I would have said, "Yes, it’s all gone.". Yet today I found me again, and it is such a joy.

I believe it to be a redirection of one’s focus. Sometimes, we must be jogged into it. For me it was one more conversation where when I disconnected the call, I knew that I had had enough. You know, the kind where some folks are so confident in their bad behavior that it simply rolls off their tongue. What a gift that moment was! I realized that I can either think good things, or I can dwell on the bad. Focus is focus.

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Just as you can condition your subconscious for more defeats and victimhood, you can equally condition it into any habit you choose by the awareness and practice of these four basic items:

  1. You are and become what you focus on.
  2. What you focus on appears real because it is reflected back to you via your experiences.
  3. What you focus on grows.
  4. You always see and find what you focus on.

I do not know what 2021 will hold for me. But I can decide on how to start and try to stay in today. The decision has been made and change is not eminent, it has already happened. I welcome my old self with much joy and love. I am so happy that I found that the treasures inside myself were not totally lost, they were smushed and stuffed to back. "Never take your eye off of the underdog." This is my new saying. With practice and care, I can redirect my focus and make everything better. This applies to all areas of my life to include my passion, triathlon. This coming year I will do it all my way, and with no outside direction. It will be fun, or I will stop. Find your focus. Being normal or average is overrated. Be the glitter bomb that spreads across the earth, and not just your own carpet. Be colorful and "glow yourself up".

Written By: Jackie Nunes, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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Jackie thanks for the inspiration!

Ann Martinez

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