Using Social Media to Document Your Training and Inspire Others

Using Social Media to Document Your Training and Inspire Others

Whether you’re more of a biker, swimmer, or runner, there’s one thing that all three have in common: a ridiculous amount of motivation and dedication. Doing what you love is the core of motivation, but it’s not what keeps you going. Documenting your goals, training sessions, and creating a platform where others can become inspired by you is your best bet.


Here are a few great tips to help you document your goals, and to inspire others with your story!


In Order to Inspire, You Must Be Inspired


If you are looking to be encouraged on that run, and to share your own inspiration, the first step is to follow others that live the same lifestyle. For example, if you’re a runner, it would be helpful to follow social profiles that give great tips, advice, and ideas about running.


Great social media accounts that every runner should follow include Meb Keflezighi, Roxie The Aussie, and Shalane Flanagan. They run successful Instagram and Twitter accounts that document their journeys, and inspiring hundreds of thousands


Details are Important


The Mirnavator, also known as Mirna Valerio, is an author and runner. Our favorite part about her social presence is how she highlights the details of her daily workouts. This constant documentation of her day-to-day routine is super inspiring. It may be easier for her to write something, since she is an author, but her detailed daily photos and videos are incredibly powerful.


Many people enjoy the personal narratives of others’ lives. It makes sense, stories are attractive and interesting. It’s important to keep the hype going when you share your journey on social media though. This is where the small details become super important. This helps others connect with you and, ultimately, become followers and fans of your work.


The Impossible is Possible


One of our team members, professional triathlete Kyra Wiens is an active mom, wife, and coach. She’s also growing within the triathlon world. She uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to document her training, and to focus on other aspects of her life.


For example, she posts pictures of her family, her girls, her love of yoga, and even her daily meals. Kyra understands what it means to be challenged physically, but she doesn’t only post about this. She understands the age old rule of social media: it’s important to reveal other areas of your life. This attracts others and helps them feel like everything is possible.


It is indeed possible to be a great mother, a loving wife, an awesome yoga instructor, and to race in triathlons. The more you show how realistic and possible this is, the more people believe and are inspired in their own adventures.


Speak From The Heart


If you pay attention to most socially active triathlon athletes, you’ll see that they all speak from the soul about their own experiences. It’s vital to speak words of wisdom, but it’s even more important to simply be genuine. People recognize this and relate to being ‘real.’


Let’s say you’re riding on a nostalgic bike trail, or simply taking a run around your neighborhood, when you get the ridiculous idea to share it. Do it! People will laugh, cry, and understand. They’ll feel. Feeling is connecting, and this is how you build an audience.


Sharing your journey on social networks can be very exciting, and is a great opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. As thrilling as it is to overcome your challenges, it’s important to follow these useful guidelines to maximize your potential, and inspire as much as you’ve been inspired.


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