Training for Two

Training for Two

"Most of my children have participated in a half marathon prior to their birth, whether I knew I was pregnant at the time or not."

This year I am pregnant with my fourth child in the last six years. I have continued training during each pregnancy. Most of my children have participated in a half marathon prior to their birth, whether I knew I was pregnant at the time or not. For the first trimester of this pregnancy, with no races for almost a year, I was out of conditioning and long runs were not in my normal routine.

Coming into the second trimester and some glimpses of the world opening back up and starting to see races is really exciting! However, I know during the second trimester is not the time to start race training for me personally. My body is heavier overall, aches and pain are setting in, and my breath is more labored.

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So what is motivating to keep consistently being active and maintain a fitness routine? For me, it is truly all about being healthy, mentally and physically, for my children. Right now, my little ones watch me consistently take time for myself to take care of me (and baby) and sometimes get annoyed that it takes me away from tying a shoe, opening a juice box, or peeling an orange for a short time period. This consistent training will ensure that when they are older they will see me finishing races and I hope that they are inspired to also take care of their bodies.

I get frustrated every few weeks when another 30 seconds get added to each mile and watch other women be able to maintain their running speeds and long runs during pregnancy. I just ended a 288 day 1 mile run streak because my body was telling me to. We must remind ourselves that every body is different, every pregnancy is different, and we all know ourselves what is best for our baby. So to all the mamas out there, keep on going - no matter what the distance, pace, or distraction!

Did I mention I am pregnant with my 4th girl - who runs the world? Girls!

Written By: Rachel Rayburn, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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