best yoga poses for triathletes for recovery at home

The Best at Home Yoga Poses for Triathletes

Building a home practice

As triathletes, our schedule is often so extremely full with swim/bike/run that it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. It’s enough of a challenge to fit it all in to begin with, without completely neglecting other responsibilities such as work and family. But incorporating recovery into your training routine is vital to ward off injuries and maintain flexibility.

Adding in a yoga practice on top of everything else may seem nearly impossible!  Fortunately, you do not have to spend hours in a yoga studio (save that for off season, because being part of a class is amazing!) to incorporate beneficial asanas (physical postures) into your routine. Strengthen your core, open your hips and release tension in your shoulders and upper back that builds from all three disciplines in triathlon!

most beneficial yoga postures for triathletes women at home

Build total body strength by holding plank pose (top of a push up). Try holding for 30 seconds and gradually increasing as strength builds. This beneficial pose for triathletes will help build core strength. 

most beneficial yoga postures for triathletes for recovery at home

Supported Fish
Use two yoga blocks, a bolster or a rolled up blanket to open your chest and shoulders in a supported fish pose. This posture is a gentle backbend that opens your front body and releases tensions in the neck and shoulders that often stems from your time on the bike. 

best yoga poses postures runners triathletes women recovery home

This deep IT band stretch is essential for runners!

beneficial recovery pose yoga posture triathlete woman home stretch

Thread the Needle
Open your shoulders, upper back, and neck while introducing a gentle twist of the spine.

triathletes beneficial recovery posture yoga pose triathlon running women

Seated Forward Fold
Elevate your seat with a folded blanket to create more freedom in your hamstrings. Gently fold forward and use your breath to create more space.

easy recovery poses yoga triathletes runners women at home

Legs Up the Wall
This restorative inversion is relaxing and cooling after a hard workout. It increases circulation and smooths sore feet, tight hamstrings and cranky lower backs.


Each of these postures should be held for at least five breaths, perhaps more if time allows! Incorporate these moves into your cool down or recovery practice and begin to feel your body unfold and relax. Taking solid, regular time to unravel and soak up the benefits of your training will calm your mind and soothe your aching muscles. 

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Written by Kelly Crouthamel

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