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    Building Your House of Fitness

    A lot of you may have coaches to do this for you, but for those who don’t, HOW do you figure out where to start with your training??

    I am here to help you understand the different phases of training. To do so, we are going to compare it to “building a house.”

  • How to Make the Most of Your Off-Season

    How to Make the Most of Your Off-Season

    What should I focus on in the off-season? What even is an off-season? For some, the off-season means off. For others, off-season means race season prep. Give yourself permission to recover your body, your mind, and your passion for the sport! For me, the off-season means SAY YES! The triathlon race season demands structure and discipline so, in the winter, I need to practice listening to my body and to my heart. 

  • Merlot Day Wine Workout Tri Now Wine Later Muscle tank

    How Merlot Can You Go? Our at Home Wine Workout

    You don't need fancy workout equipment or an expensive gym membership to stay in shape. All you need is wine. So many bottles of wine.
  • Do I Need a Coach?

    Do I Need a Coach?

    Anyone with self-discipline can follow a cookie cutter plan, but it takes a true professional – who actually cares – to make a plan work for you. This article will help you figure out if you need a triathlon coach! 
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    Are You Ready for Ali'i Eyes On You?

    For our Kona 2018 special edition women's triathlon collection - Ali’i Eyes on Me - we wanted the design to be a bold and abstract interpretation of the tropics. Starting with a subtle tropical pattern, we then added pink holographic imagery and a colorful abstract pattern to create a collection that is both edgy and feminine.
  • post race pint muscle t shirt beer girl

    Lucky You! The Ultimate List of Post Race Pints

    Beer contains water, carbs, and electrolytes. Which most athletes know are essential for post-workout recovery. Here's a list of our favorite post-race pints!