• Heart in sand winter in florida tri sirena holiday playlist womens full sleeve triathlon kits

    Tri Sirena 2018 Winter Playlist

    This playlist is a compilation of our favorite new songs, classic holiday tunes and all things wintery and wonderful. Perfect to play on shuffle while decorating your home, throwing a party, riding your trainer, on a long run...pretty much whenever. Enjoy!
  • ultimate summer playlist workout six reasons to ride inside

    Ultimate Indoor Summer Spinning Workout

    Here are six reasons to plan some indoor rides this summer, and a fun way to do it! We’ve included a one-hour workout that will help increase your cadence and speed in the saddle, and a playlist to go along with the drills. All you need to do is clip in, click the link, and go!
  • Tropic Like Its Hot Collection Aero Skinsuit Sun Protective Performance Wear

    Tropic Like It's Hot Playlist

    The Tropic Like It's Hot collection was designed with functionality, safety, and fashion in mind. Boasting UPF 50, not only will you look good, you'll be sun safe as well. Of course, you know we had to make a playlist to celebrate the newness ;-) Get ready to Tropic Like It's Hot!! 

  • swim-bike-rum-runner-muscle-t-shirt-girl-running-fun

    How to Turn Any Run into a Fun Run

    Call it hitting your wall, running out of steam, etc. Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere you're just over it. Your brain is ready to be done.
  • pumpkin-playlist-sweater-fall-gold-foil-slouchy-cute

    Pumpkin Spiced Playlist

    Grab a pumpkin-spiced something, throw on your favorite sweater and pump up the jams.
  • kona-triathlon-kit-collection-girl-pineapple-hawaii

    Dreaming of Kona Playlist

    We are one month away from the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. In the meantime, we are bringing the Aloha to you with our new playlist!