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Confessions of an 'OK' Triathlete

Women's Sun Protective UPF Multi-Sport Athletic Running Cycling Top Triathlon Confessions of OK Triathlete
"What does a “good” triathlete look like? Does it matter if I swim/bike/run all year long, or is it ok that my interests shift with the seasons? What benefits are there to mix it up and give your body a break from all that cardio?" 

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A Heart Attack at 27, Christine's Story

Heart Attack at 27: Christine's Story Women's Sun Protective Triathlon Kits Long Sleeve Swimsuits Full Coverage Cycle Jersey UPF50 Fun Bright Cute Colorful Safe Comfortable
Christine Van Guilder shares her story of how, at 27 years old, her world was turned upside down after a major heart attack. She discusses the effect this has on her life now as well as what you need to know to lower your risk of cardiac disease.

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Combating Feelings of Burnout Through Charity

Combating Feelings of Burnout Through Charity Bethany Gray Cycles 4000 miles for Ulman Foundation
In my experience, one of the best ways to pursue self-improvement and to find meaning in life is to help encourage meaning in others. I have pledged to ride from Maryland to California during the summer of 2019. Along the route, we will be stopping to volunteer at hospitals and give out scholarships to young people with cancer. I have also pledged to fundraise $4,500 for said scholarships, every single one of which my team will give away in person.

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