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        News — Cycling

        Getting Back on the Horse

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        The first time I joined a tri-club and rode my bike in a group was terrifying! But after a bit of practice in a local park with the beginner group and under the guidance of some excellent coaches my confidence grew and I took my new found skills to the road. I started going on longer rides with the group, taking on more challenging roads and loving every minute.

        Until it all came (quite literally) crashing down...

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        How to Upcycle Those Old Bike Tubes

        How to Repurpose Your Old Bike Tubes
        Give your old bike tubes new life by repurposing them as something else! Andrea shares all her ideas to prevent old bike tubes piling up in our landfills. Swim training gear, bottle grips, hair ties, bottle opener, road ID, a pencil gripper...upcycling is SO in right now.

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        Why Draft Legal Tris Are My Jam!

        Siren Luminaries Rachel and Jackie Englewood Tri
        After racing triathlon for so many years, draft legal races have been a new and exciting challenge and a reason to mix up my training. Each DL race is different and it is so fun to rehash what happened with fellow athletes at the finish line because of that!

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        Why You Need a Bike Fit

        mandi nilsen pineapple kit if you like pina coladas race
        If you have been riding your bike for a while without pain and never got a fit it is still a great idea to go in and get it done, it is never too late. The more miles we log the more our bodies change; a fit will make sure that we are able to get the most out of our efforts and bodies.

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