• Siren Luminaries Rachel and Jackie Englewood Tri

    Why Draft Legal Tris Are My Jam!

    After racing triathlon for so many years, draft legal races have been a new and exciting challenge and a reason to mix up my training. Each DL race is different and it is so fun to rehash what happened with fellow athletes at the finish line because of that!
  • ultimate summer playlist workout six reasons to ride inside

    Ultimate Indoor Summer Spinning Workout

    Here are six reasons to plan some indoor rides this summer, and a fun way to do it! We’ve included a one-hour workout that will help increase your cadence and speed in the saddle, and a playlist to go along with the drills. All you need to do is clip in, click the link, and go!
  • mandi nilsen pineapple kit if you like pina coladas race

    Why You Need a Bike Fit

    If you have been riding your bike for a while without pain and never got a fit it is still a great idea to go in and get it done, it is never too late. The more miles we log the more our bodies change; a fit will make sure that we are able to get the most out of our efforts and bodies.
  • woman biking to work benefits

    Benefits of Biking to Work

    Want to ditch the monotony of your morning commute? Then hop on your bike and pedal to the office!
  • Up Your Game With the Best Triathlon Bikes for Beginners

    Up Your Game With the Best Triathlon Bikes for Beginners

    It isn't easy picking the right bike for you. It's even harder when you're a tri newbie. That's why we've put together our top bike choices for speed, comfort, and more!
  • training camp spain group running desert

    The Perfect Way to Start the Season: Training Camp in Gran Canaria

    Siren Luminary Marleen describes her experience attending a triathlon training camp in Gran Canaria, Spain. "...the main reason to go to a training camp is that you have the time and focus to train….A LOT. In that week I trained some 30 hours: I did 16 sessions (e.g. ran 48 miles and cycled 250 miles) whereas I normally do about 10 hours a week. Since the intensity is really low it is perfectly doable."