Supporting My Siren: A Tri Hubby's Perspective

I am one of the very fortunate husbands to have a wife (Tri Sirena Luminary Lynsey) who goes out of her way to support my crazy paddling and water sports lifestyle. Often times over the years I have asked her “Are you sure you want to come to another race?” The answer is always, “Yes, let’s go!”. She has been supporting me now for so long she has become quite the expert on helping me load and unload my OC1 (one man outrigger canoe) and other water toys. I feel like she is a magician showing up at water’s edge with all the post hydration, snacks, and everything I could want as I paddle across the finish.

So it was a no brainer when she sat me down in 2016 and said: “I registered for the Lavaman triathlon, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I want this to be my turn to be an athlete again and have a cheerleader.” OF COURSE, I would be there for her! It was a rush getting to see her out on the course, doing her thing, crushing it, I was SO proud. Watching Lyns run towards the finish at Waikoloa Village with the biggest smile on her face once she spotted me (or it could have been the fact that she knew a cold Kona Brew was just beyond the finish line, haha!) was awesome! So awesome that she motivated me to try a sprint tri in our town with her a few months later. We really didn’t have much time train for it, we were in the process of renovating our first home. I rented a bike from a buddy of ours for the race. I also got some quick tutorials on how to breathe from side to side while swimming, and some swim form and technique. Apparently, my form was horrible. I looked like there was a surfboard under me and I was trying to catch a wave. Regardless of how prepared I was, we went out and had a blast! I got second in my age group and Lyns first in hers. I was hooked and ready for the next challenge.



I was able to get on a relay team for ’17 Lavaman, which was incredible. I was ready to start pushing myself to new limits. Shortly after that, we committed to training for our first HIM together. Training together has been great, I’m not going to lie and say it’s sunshine and rainbows every day, even though we live in Maui. Early mornings, hill climbs and trying to find your groove isn’t always easy. But with Lyns by my side, we are able to always finish strong. After every brick, workout, or swim I always feel on top of the world.




Having each other to train with is the best. I have trained solo for lots of different events and sometimes it is hard to push myself. With HIM triathlon training when one of us doesn’t feel super motivated one day the other one is always there to get our butts in gear and get to training. Lynsey motivates me in different ways then I motivate her so we tend to balance each other out. So far, we have enjoyed this journey together and I don’t see us stopping anywhere in the near future!

Written by Ryan Cenami Capone Smith

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