Sun Protection is more than Cancer Prevention

Sun Protection is more than Cancer Prevention

Diary of a reformed sun seeker

Let me start by saying, I have never been diagnosed with skin cancer. And in fairness to the sun, as a native Floridian and young adult I worshiped those golden rays constantly. Long beach days, year round bike rides, driving with the windows down in tank tops and soaking in every bit of the warmth and shine the heavenly orb would send. Once forced into an office building every day (for years) my skin went from warm brown to pale pink. And then, with age, came the spots, the dark splotches haunting my future self with the disregard I did to my younger self in lazy ignorant times. Spots I never saw before appearing on my hands, my face, my shoulders. Spots that tell my immature story of how I mismanaged my skin care. I can pretend to be relieved I don’t have a skin cancer story to tell, but really... the damage I did cannot be undone and is constantly on display.

Today, I wear long sleeves and hats and glasses. I apply 30 and 50 SPF before I leave the house. I seek shade. I cover up. I still prefer to be outside than inside. I love long days on the boat, on a bike, with the sun roof open on the car. I apply creams that have function other than moisturize, the same way I eat food that is good for my long term health and not just whatever I can get from a drive through window. I put value on adding key pieces to my wardrobe that fit my lifestyle, level of activity and sun protection needs.

If you have ever uttered a word of caution to someone about something that is dear to you; wear a seat belt (they save lives), don’t mix bleach and ammonia (it creates a chemical that will make you sick), switch to oatmeal (it’s heart healthy).. Then you are someone that should understand my ask; wear sunscreen and cover up (buttercup). God willing you may never face a skin cancer diagnosis, but its not just about the worst case scenario. Its about being good to yourself and feeling good about the choices you make every day.

Written By: Anne Keefer

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