Should I Train During Pregnancy?

Should I Train During Pregnancy?

Not living in fear - this describes the moment I lived after we consulted with our healthcare provider and saw our baby move for the first time in our first trimester appointment. When you are expecting your first child it's a roller coaster of emotions and questions. One in particular as a triathlete - should I train during pregnancy?

The answer is yes, if, you have been cleared by your physician to exercise and aligned with your goals.

QUALITY movement is medicine. It brings energy into every cell of your body. In return, it brings quality energy to your baby.

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If your body is used to training and exercising continue doing so. You will have a key sense of what activities are safe and what is not - thanks to your heightened hormones and body. Now is not the time to train for weight loss, but to feel confident in the new journey.

Our healthcare provider confirmed I could continue training during my pregnancy as long as it felt good and lower the intensity.

The importance of training or exercise during pregnancy can help with discomfort and help prepare your body for delivery.

Now is the time to find what feels good. Consult with your healthcare provider and a personal trainer specialized in pre- and post-natal care for you and your baby's needs.

Update: I am 11 weeks pregnant and training 4-5 times a week. I am registered in a 10K and we found out the gender of our's a boy!

Written By: Anna Beth Foyt, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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