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Save Your Lady Bits with the Perfect Chamois

Is there anything worse than trying to enjoy your bike ride while your crotch is on fire?!?

If you're new to triathlon or cycling, or recently started upping your mileage, your lady bits may have started talking to you. 

Or screaming at you. 

Three HOURS on a trainer?!? Yea right, try staying in your saddle when it feels more like a hundred tiny knives stabbing at (arguably) your most sensitive area.   

What causes chafing, inflammation, and irritation in the saddle?

  • Basically, friction is the enemy. It can cause your skin to become inflamed and irritated.
  • Alongside friction are darkness and moisture, also the enemy. If you're not careful, darkness and moisture will invite not-so-friendly bacteria to the party. Then you're dealing with chafing, inflammation, irritation AND a dang infection. WTF?!?

Enter... the chamois. Originally just a piece of thin leather (back in the 80's), today's chamois has transformed into what could be the most technical aspect of your tri shorts. For good reason, too. Your "down under" deserves a lot of love and TLC!  

When Stefani Schuetz (Tri Sirena co-founder & CEO) began designing our triathlon shorts, she knew that not just any chamois was going to cut it. This apparel was meant for hours of training (possibly in the hot sun). Not only did these shorts have to protect your skin from cancer-causing UV rays, but they also HAD to have the perfect chamois. You should be as comfortable as possible during those long rides. 

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The Italian TRI-MAX triathlon pad has been developed with a single density and a 3mm thickness, which offers superb protection and simultaneously allowing great elasticity. The addition of the perforations will allow great breathability and quick drying time after swimming. These specific features will avoid abrasion and irritation during the race.

Tri Sirena Women's Sun Protective Triathlon Kits Perfect Chamois Tri Shorts Cycle Bottoms UPF50 Full Coverage Female Athletic Apparel cute fun bright pink blue flowers comfortable safe

Cool! So what does that mean? 

  • We didn't just shrink a men's chamois and dye it pink. These triathlon shorts have a built-in support system that was designed just for you. 
  • The type of fabric, its design, and shape are all working towards eliminating friction and wicking away moisture. 

Okay, but is this chamois really that life changing?

  • Of course, we think so! But don't take our word for it. 

"I'm 5'5" 200 lb Athena and the 2xl fits me perfect. I'm always super nervous about ordering bottoms because I have a very round butt and thick thighs like a turkey drumstick. I kid you not, these went on so smoothly with no having to do a crazy wiggle and pull and tug dance to get in. The colors are gorgeous, the padding is great. There's no discomfort. The padding is also sewn nicely around to prevent saddle sores or chafing."

-Jenny Teague 


"These stay in place and despite only being a Tri short, not a full padded bike short were perfect for the entire 112 mile ride and I had zero tooshie discomfort. Perfection in my books!"

-Krista Banik

 Can I really wear these shorts for an entire triathlon?

  • Yes, ma'am! The chamois in our tri shorts (and in our one piece, Aero Skinsuits) is thin enough that you can wear these babies for a whole Ironman. 
  • Moisture-wicking fabric will help you stay comfy even after the swim portion of your race. 

"I want to live in these tri shorts. They are so comfortable, so flattering, so darn pretty! Don't be afraid of the black fabric, it does not get hot! The chamois is thin enough for your swim and run and just right for your bike. I love love love the feel of these shorts. I am 5'6", 138 lbs and wear a medium." 

-Renee Edwards

How do I know if they fit?

  • Like any triathlon gear, tri shorts should have a snug, compressive fit. If they're too big, the fabric will move around and cause chafing. Plus you'll be pulling them up the entire ride. 

Do I need to wear underwear?

  • Tri shorts are meant to fit like a second skin, so in a word...nope! The performance fabric is also meant to wick away moisture, and your skivvies may get in the way of that.
  • Just remember, more fabric between where you end and your bike seat begins means more friction and more chafing. More moisture leads to more bacteria which puts you more at risk of infection.

What are bib shorts?

  • Bib shorts are a variation of tri or cycle shorts. Instead of being held up at the waistband, bib shorts have suspenders or straps hold your shorts up. This provides additional room for easier breathing and digestion. 

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There you have it! How and why the perfect chamois can save your lady bits from chafing, irritation, infection and more. If you still aren't convinced that shorts with a chamois are right for you...did we mention they're super cute? 

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Tri Sirena Women's UPF50 Long Sleeve Triathlon Kits Sun protective full coverage athletic apparel female clothing cute fun safe flowers pink blue pockets

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