Re-connecting With Running

Re-connecting With Running

"I’ve grown tremendously on the bike over the last couple of years. However, my run has unsurprisingly remained stagnant."

As a disappointing racing season comes to a close for most of us, I can’t help but think of my usual fall routines. After spending a summer training and racing, I would usually take a few weeks off and considerably lighten my triathlon training mode. Once I felt rested again, I would continue to focus on my favored discipline: the bike!

Having every single race canceled this summer was a sobering experience for many of us, and I definitely floundered for a bit.

We all have our favorite and least favorite part of triathlon. I really only run because it’s a necessity for completing a triathlon. “We were on a break!!!!!” has definitely been shouted by me whenever asked if I was going to get back into running.

Riding my bike is my happy place, and because of this I’ve grown tremendously on the bike over the last couple of years. However, my run has unsurprisingly remained stagnant.

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Yet this summer, one of my friends challenged me to complete in the ‘virtual’ Western States 100 mile run through the month of June. Once you completed running your 100 miles, you got a belt buckle similar to the coveted Western States buckle, earned only for completing the 100 mile race from Tahoe to Auburn in under 30 hours. However, this time you had the entire month to complete it. Well, I hate running so what did I say? “Sure! Sign me up!” I am a triathlete after all, and ‘embracing the suck’ is one of our mantras!

Well, the craziest thing happened. After a ten year breakup, I fell back in love with running. Ugh yes, such a cliche! I went from running around 9-12 miles a week, to 25 and I loved every sweaty, hard second of it. Not only did my running time improve substantially because of being forced to run all the hills around my house, ps don’t tell my running coach he was right about that after all these years, but I genuinely enjoyed it. And overwhelmingly my feeling is gratitude. Gratitude for the luxury of having an injury free season, and gratitude for finding the joy of running again.

Written By: Chelsea Brumfield, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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