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Protect Your Skin During Your Next Triathlon

"After being diagnosed with melanoma in 2015, I thought my love for the outdoors and sunshine was over."

After being diagnosed with melanoma in 2015, I thought my love for the outdoors and sunshine was over. That is until I built my arsenal of sun protection that has been tried and tested, most recently with my completion of my first 70.3 in Santa Cruz, California. Here are four easy steps to make sure your skin stays healthy and cancer-free!

Apply and Reapply Sunscreen Liberally!
My coach provides me a with a sunscreen regimen she has used in all of her triathlons and it provided me with 8 hours of sun protection. The night before a race, liberally apply sunscreen to every part of your body: face, scalp, ears, chest, arms, back, legs, feet, etc. (This is after race tattoo are applied). In the morning of your event, apply another layer of sunscreen to every part of your body.

Wear UPF Triathlon Gear Such as Tri Sirena Apparel
Tri Sirena athletic apparel not only provides UPF 50 sun protection, but it is also the most comfortable gear you will ever own. I was out on the course for over 7 hours and my skin was left sunburn free, and I also had no chaffing… NONE WHATSOEVER!! The super soft Kaleidoscope UPF 50 Sleeved Aero Skinsuit (pictured above) protected my skin and I received so many compliments on the course!

Tri Sirena Kona 2019 Special Edition Triathlon and Swim Gear

Wear a Hat or Visor
Wearing head and face protection will keep your pretty face from a blast from the sun. While running, remember to grab a hat or visor to protect you from the elements out on the course. P.S. if you wear a visor, make sure any exposed scalp is covered in sunscreen!

Keep Small Packets of Sunscreen Handy & Share the Wealth!
Place packets of sunscreen in your bike bag, running belt, or gear pockets just in case. These can be applied out on the course and save you time in transition. They can also be shared on the course with anyone that looks like they could use extra sun protection.

Using these steps helped me keep my skin protected from the elements during Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3. No sunburn, no chaffing, and I was able to enjoy my race. With the help of Tri Sirena apparel, sunscreen, and a visor I was able to enjoy my race before, during, and after! #CoverUpButtercup

Written By: Angela Kirkendall, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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How do you protect yourself from the sun when you race? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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