Off Season Triathlon Training Pathway to a Stronger You

Off Season Triathlon Training Pathway to a Stronger You

Female Triathletes over age 40. Hello. This Blog is for you. You’re welcome.


  1. Love your skin.
  2. How’s your strength?
  3. Fun ideas for your groups.

Love your Skin.
As a newly chosen 2020 Tri Sirena Luminary, I felt obligated to receive a skin cancer screening!!! The MD was pleased with my skincare and impressed with the Tri Sirena philosophy. As a pale freckled faced child in South Louisiana, my mother plastered thick smelly white cream sunscreen all over me for EVERY outdoor event. The smell alone was a diversion to not use this stuff as an adult. Thankfully, products improved their formularies and I used wisdom in sun exposure at a young age.

My daily routine consists of something like this: Skinceuticals Sport UV defense, Skinceuticals Physical UV defense, Elta MD UV clear broad spectrum, Colorscience face primer, Colorscience mineral foundation water resistant powder sunscreen, and Estee Lauder Double Wear water fresh makeup. On race day, I use Tizo Age Defying Fusion and sun protective clothing. I have extremely sensitive skin and also weirdness regarding textures and smell. These products pass my standards.

How’s your strength?
Anyone over the age of 40 NEEDS strength training. Period. End of story. Hear the voices of persons in the ninth or tenth decade of life screaming to you.

As an athlete, you need to be STRONG in BOTH cardiovascular strength/endurance BUT ALSO IN Muscular Strength and Endurance! This is the type of conditioning to be able to lift something heavy off the floor like a Husky or a bag of potting soil. How well can you stand up from the edge of a chair without armrests ten times in succession? Do not worry, you will not look like Ernestine Shepherd with simple functional strength exercises. Those folks have unique training goals. Treat yourself to two to three days of Strength work, 15-30 minutes each session. Find a quality fitness instructor/trainer/performance coach who understands aging, athleticism, and females. Check out National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) for more information.

Fun Activity
Nothing crazy here. Remember, quality is preferred over quantity.

1. Sitting on the edge of a chair, hold five pounds or heavier. With good posture, holding weight, reaching forward as much as possible, Slowly stand up. Then return to seated position, with the same technique, holding the weight, but return to chair to a count of 8 (that’s ONE Mississippi, Two, etc). Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Walking lunges with Twists. Begin standing upright, feet shoulder width apart, begin walking into a low lunge position while holding something heavy, 8-10 lbs, Rotate slightly to side of lead leg. Repeat to the other side. Reps 5-8 lunges. 2-3 sets. These are performed very SLOWLY.

3. Lying face down on the floor, inchworm yourself to folded over standing position. Next, slowly roll up to upright position (similar to a diver tight core position), stand on toes, and reach fingers to the sky. Hold this position for five deep breaths. Next, slowly roll down one vertebrae at a time, then once your fingers reach the ground, inchworm back to plank then prone position (do not face plant!). Repeat 5-8 times SLOWLY.

Here’s to a Skin Cancer Free, Strong, and Successful Triathlon Season!

Written By: Kelli Gueho, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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What exercises do you do to keep your strength up? Let us know in the comments below!

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