A Different Type of Ultra-distance Racing

A Different Type of Ultra-distance Racing

Triathlon race season has come to a halt. Lives are being lost. Unemployment is on the rise. This is a different type of ultra-distance race: The race against COVID-19. Guys, this race is tough! But, together, we can tackle and finish the course. Here are some tips to optimize your race experience.

Cherish family time. During Ironman COVID-19, some teammates and families are getting extra quality time together. Others can only communicate with their support crews via FaceTime or Zoom. For some, loved ones have already been taken off course by the virus or other causes. The race is long but life is short. Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones (even if it’s virtual).

Have grace and compassion. Have you ever watched the last hour of an Ironman? The struggle is real. Emotions are high. It is impossible not to shed a tear or two. This pandemic has touched everyone in some way, shape or form. Each person is going through their own struggle. This isn’t easy. Many people are newly unemployed or furloughed. Many are struggling to stay alive on a vent or on the frontlines. Anxiety is high. There are a lot of unknowns. This is a brand new course that is constantly changing. Be resilient. Give everyone (and, yourself) a little grace and encouragement as we run this race together.

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Be grateful. Nutrition, toilet paper and a port-a-pot are precious commodities. Be thankful for the little things and those who provide them. Thank a volunteer. Be grateful for your support crew. Be grateful for your health. Remember to count your blessings. Staying in the race beats the alternative. We all made it to the start line. Let’s work together to make it to the finish line.

Stay connected. We have amazing social networking resources to keep you informed and on course. Use them. Connect with your support crew, teammates, volunteers and fellow racers. Check in on a racer you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Struggling? This course is tough! Don’t race it alone. Reach out. Your support crew is here! We are in this together.

Together, we can finish this race. Triathletes and runners, this is a different type of ultra-distance racing. We are all in this race together even if we play different roles. Some are racing and fighting for their lives, jobs, family or health. Our medical staff are working diligently to care for those who are sick. Our race officials and first responders are keeping us safe and on course. Our food service workers and truck drivers are keeping us fueled. Our trash pick up and lawn care are keeping our course clean. And, let’s not forget about education! Our virtual teachers and homeschooling moms are working around the clock to make sure our younger generations will succeed. The spectators who heed the warnings and watch this virtual race from home are helping to flatten the curve. Volunteers are coming together to make gear so we can finish this race. We all play a role. Together, we can do this! Together, anything is possible.

Written By: Amanda Suggs, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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