My Grandma Was Right About Everything

My Grandma Was Right About Everything

"One of the things she said to me, and what I wish I could have really heard sooner was, 'take care of your body when you are young.'"

When I was little, my grandma seemed so old, but when I was in grade school, she really could not have been much older than I am now.

Her life was vastly different than mine. She grew up in a large Irish family, in rural South Carolina and moved to NYC as a teenager where she met my Italian grandfather and raised a family.

She was the calmest, most patient person I have ever known and she knew how to cook!

She always kept active, even as her Rheumatoid Arthritis progressed, and she underwent multiple joint replacement surgeries. My grandma is gone now, but she lived well into her 90's. She never complained and she did not talk all that much, but when she did, it was always something amazing.

One of the things she said to me, and what I wish I could have really heard sooner was, "take care of your body when you are young."

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Of course, I really had no idea what she meant all those years ago.

Had I been able to hear her advice, these are the two biggest things I wish I had done sooner:

  1. Protected my skin from the sun
  2. Rested when I was tired or injured

Many seasons of outdoor sports and many, many sunburns and injuries later, I realize now exactly what she meant.

Thankfully today there are beautiful, high quality sunblocks available (and not sun tan oils like in the 80's!) and gorgeous SPF clothing and hats that are comfortable, breathable and really cute!

As I get closer to 50, I definitely feel the carelessness and arrogance of youth catching up. I do my best to protect my skin every day and rest when I need to.

I could always do better to heed my own advice, but I sure do know what my grandma meant with those few words so many years ago.

My mom always said I look a lot like my grandma, but if I could only make garlic meatballs like she did!

Written By: Andrea Rutsky, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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Your grandma seems so wise! May her memory be a blessing!

Ann Martinez

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