Movement Is Medicine

Movement Is Medicine

"The same week I was furloughed, I found out I was pregnant. My Husband and I were trying to become parents, but the news was still a surprise."

On the day I was given notice from my job that due to COVID-19 I was going to be placed on a temporary unpaid leave (or furloughed), I hung up the phone, laced up my shoes, and went for a run in my neighborhood to clear the tears that were automatically coming down my face. I didn't want my family to see me in that moment and felt I needed to be strong for them. I was confused and frustrated and it was something I wasn't expecting. I had never been in a situation like that before, like many others we had some bad news and challenges to face during this time, but we are going to navigate through it.

Before the Covid-19 lockdown, one morning after having a discussion with a relative, I went for a run to my local park getting to feel the breeze on my face, watch the sunrise and the smell of the morning gave me the clarity and the peace my heart was looking for.

The same week I was furloughed, I found out I was pregnant. My Husband and I were trying to become parents, but the news was still a surprise. This exciting and happy news was well received but still a big shock… navigating the fact I was now out of work (temporarily, but still out of work) put a little bit more pressure on me but that fueled my motivation to fight harder, the little seed (aka semillita) growing inside me was going to bring happiness to our home of 2 humans and 2 fur girl sisters. Running, along with meditation and mindfulness practice has helped me relieve the tension, stress, clear my mind and refocus efforts.

Running has turned into an "emotional relief" type of escape for me… I'm surprised how something that almost 3 years ago I didn't enjoy at all, and rarely seldom was involved with, is now something I really enjoy and that I have found myself to turn to when I'm emotional to try and find peace.

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My mind goes free, and any pressure or tension I feel in my heart goes away… I feel alive while I feel the breeze on my face. I do not think about what's going on or happening.

I am currently in my 4th month (17 weeks) of pregnancy and there are some days where my energy is low and some others where my energy seems to be "normal". What I have been doing is learning to listen to my body. Only jogging and walking fast when I do not feel great but was supposed to be going for a hard "run". I quickly realized I might not have my top pace anymore, because now I have to breath for two. Other days, when running isn't an option, I practice some prenatal yoga or even barre workouts to activate and strengthen my pelvic floor.

Continuing to stay active has absolutely helped me to keep my serenity and my sanity. It is well said that #movementismedicine, and even though my immune system is not 100% at this time due to the changes my body is experiencing due to pregnancy, moving my body has helped me to face and cope in a different way. It is gives me the chance to feel positive around all the challenges I have experienced lately.

I will keep dreaming that one day soon, I can bring my bump and myself to the ocean and practice some open water swimming, to just not move my body freely, but to have some clean vibes in the salty water as a mermaid. <3

Written By: Michelle Gudino, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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