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Luminary Party 2018! Cheers to a Great Season

2018 isn't quite over yet, but recently we had an opportunity to celebrate what an amazing year it has been! The Tri Sirena Luminaries and their families came together in Sarasota, Florida for an end of season bash that included a dance party, clambake, rumrunners, pina coladas, and of course tons of laughter and hugs. 

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We were so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to spend time with this year's ambassadors, their families and a couple of our new Luminaries joining the team in 2019. Angele Sanders even flew in from Louisiana! 

Tri Sirena Cake Donuts Cookies Doughnuts Dessert Table Party Fun Rose Gold Balloons End of Season Womens Sun Protective Full Sleeve Triathlon Kits UPF50 Pink

Those donuts didn't last long! A big thank you to Five-O Donut Company for crafting all those delicious treats. We also adored our custom Tri Sirena cake, and the cookies were so cute and yummy.

Tri Sirena end of season party 2018 Renee Edwards Ashley Pettigrew Sarah Vita Jackie Miller Stefani Schuetz Rose Gold Balloons Party Table Womens Sun protective Triathlon Kits UPF50 Full Sleeve

Some of the ladies from Team Tri Sirena! Renee Edwards (Siren Luminary), Ashley Pettigrew (Blog Content Manager), Sarah Vita (Siren Luminary and Melanoma Survivor), Jackie Miller (Siren Luminary and Triathlon Coach), and Stefani Schuetz, CEO. 


Tri Sirena end of season party luminary ambassadors 2018 Jackie Miller Chelsea Eboli Renee Edwards laughing group women female athletes triathlon sun protective upf50 clothing

Siren Luminaries Jackie, Chelsea Eboli, and Renee enjoyed catching up over rum runners and pina coladas! Baby Grace looked adorable of course!

Clam Bake Stefani Schuetz Chris Schuetz Jenn Kim cooking Tri Sirena end of season Luminary Party 2018 Womens Tri Kits Cute Comfortable Bright Safe

Jenn Kim was on clambake duty along with Tri Sirena co-founders Stefani and Chris Schuetz. 

Tri Sirena Luminary End of Season Party Clambake Steve Kim Jenn Stefani Schuetz Haley Haxton Kaela Cullum Womens Sun Protective Triathlon Kits UPF50 Full Sleeve

What else do you serve hungry Sirens to fuel them for an epic dance party?


Siren Luminary end of season party jackie renee sarah sean 2018 Tri Sirena Ambassadors group talking laughing outside pool women's sun protective triathlon apparel upf50 full sleeve cute bright colorful comfy

It was a beautiful fall day in Florida, perfect for being outside! Jackie, Sarah, Renee, and Sean enjoyed mingling out by the pool before it was time to change into our team kits and get our dance on. 


Tri Sirena Luminaries Team Kit Womens Sun Protective Full Sleeve Triathlon Gear Aero Skin Suit Tri Top Shorts Dancing Women group party end of season pink kits

We all know Stefani has some serious dance moves from previous Fresh Kit Friday videos. Now it was time to get everyone on board! 


Siren Luminaries Lynsey Capone Smith Sarah Vita smiling Melanoma Survivors Triathlon Team Kits Ambassador Tri Top Shorts Womens Sun Protective Apparel

Siren Luminaries and Melanoma Survivors, Sarah and Lynsey Capone looking beautiful and happy in their team kits. 


Siren Luminary Dance Party Fresh Kit Friday Andrea Rowan Team Kit Triathlon Clothing UPF50 Sun protective Tri Sirena womens full sleeve

Andrea Rutsky, Siren Luminary, learning some sweet new dance moves! 

Rachel Chambers Siren Luminary Ashley Pettigrew Blog Content Manager Triathlon Team Tri Sirena WOmens Sun protective triathlete performance apparel

For some of us, it was the first time we had seen each other in person! Ashley and Siren Luminary Rachel Chambers were excited to finally meet after getting to know each other through emails and social media. 

Tri Sirena Luminaries 2018 Team Photo Womens Triathlon Team Sun Protective UPF50 Full Sleeve Kits

Cheers to another amazing year for Tri Sirena and to all of the women who make what we do possible. This party was a wonderful opportunity for team bonding and just plain fun with some of our favorite ladies. Can't wait to see that Fresh Kit Friday video...

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