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Kyra's Favorite Tri Sirena Gear

Wow, can you believe it’s already January of a whole new year?! This is such a lovely time to check in with ourselves about new goals and habits we might want to cultivate in the coming months. And to envision our training and racing goals!

For me personally, it’s an incredibly special year. This will be my second year racing for Tri Sirena and I am super jazzed and honored that we are growing together. It will also be my second year of training as an athlete full-time. This privilege has enabled me to push myself harder, while still leaving space for me to be a wife and a mom and pursue my long-time goals of becoming a triathlon coach and a yoga teacher!

During this month of high hopes and bright dreams, the Tri Sirena team and I thought it would be fun to share with you details on some of my favorite pieces from their ever-expanding line.

If You Like Pina Coladas Triathlon Suit

Tri Sirena’s first one-piece race kit is the most sleek and comfortable thing I’ve ever put on. As my husband will attest to: he had to walk around the city of Chattanooga with me all day long because I refused to put on anything else. And it’s so pretty, too!

I especially love the fabric of this suit. It moves with me like tailor-made silk. It’s somewhat hydrophobic (so you can swim in it—but I still recommend a skin suit over top if you have one), but the fabric feels a bit less glossy and stiff than the Purple Reign or Pedal Pusher. I raced in this suit at Los Cabos in November, so I can attest it breathes wonderfully even when the temperatures are in the 80s and I’m sweating like crazy.

The fabric also boasts Tri Sirena’s signature UPF 50 sun protection. Awesome!!

One reason I prefer a one-piece is that I can get a tighter fit around my body. A tighter fit makes me more aero on the bike (you’d be surprised how much time wrinkles add in wind tunnel testing!). Perhaps more importantly, I find the kit stays in place better as a one-piece which eliminates chafing around my arm pits. I know some folks like the two-piece in case of a porta-potty stop, but I find I’m able to unbuckle and hold my race belt in one hand and strip the top down to my waist as I’m jogging up.

The zipper goes from neck to navel, so it’s pretty easy to manage while racing, including to get a little extra air flow or (my favorite treat) to drop ice down the front of my sports bra.

Like Tri Sirena’s other racing kits, the suit has a thin shammy. The size and placement of the shammy is so good that I have had no issues with chafing—even after two-and-a-half hours on the bike at Los Cabos.

The pockets in the back are also similar to other triathlon racing kits: I can get two or three gels in each.

Yep, it’s true: I like getting caught in the rain and I love this kit!!

womens one piece triathlon kit pina colada pineapple pink kona collection on bike

Midnight Mermaid Multi-Sport Top and Leggings

This is Tri Sirena’s first full-length kit. The fabric gives UPF 50 protection so I can be out on my bike literally all day without worrying about having to reapply sunscreen. I also really like wearing just the top when I’m going for a run, doing a strength session, or even just around town. The pockets fit flat against the back, so it’s not really obviously a cycling jersey.

This is a thin fabric, so it’s more about sun protection than warmth. I find the kit great for weather in about the 60s and hotter, but below that and you probably want to have something warmer.

The shammy is thinner, more like a triathlon shammy than a cycling shammy, but even with it being thinner I have had no issues with chafing because the fit is so well contoured for my body. I also love that I can get off the bike and immediately start a brick run (versus with traditional cycling shorts, where I do quickly change into running shorts so I don’t feel like I’m running in a diaper).

Can I also just say…the Midnight Mermaid trucker hat is my favorite hat ever! It’s so pretty with the turquoise design and gold logo. This is the hat I chose as a gift for my awesome homestay host in New Orleans!

womens full length performance gear midnight mermaid on bike

Miami 1935

This kit is more similar to what you’re probably used to for cycling…except that, for me, it was like getting in a BMW after driving a Camry all my life.

Seriously, this point cannot be emphasized enough: the quality of this cycling kit is leaps and bounds beyond anything else I’ve ever worn. I love it so much, I got my mom the same one for Christmas!

The fabric is a super light and airy mesh (though the holes are so with that you can’t tell it’s mesh unless you look really closely). It also has the larger pockets on the jersey and more padded shammy cyclists are used to.

The bright colors are also a great choice for cycling outside on shared roads.

What’s fun about this kit is that it has matching gloves and super pretty socks. The socks would also make a great little gift for a friend (anyone want to be a homestay for my next race, hint hint?!).

miami 1935 sun protection cycle kit professional triathlete wearing performance gear

Cotton Tees

When I’m not working out, nothing is better than clean cotton. I got the Peace Love & Long Runs tee last year. It has an open back, so make sure you have a pretty bra for underneath. I always get compliments when I wear it with leggings to a yoga class!

I also got the Whiskey & Watts t-shirt for my husband after he was eying it longingly at the Ironman Worlds expo. He loves the fit and the soft blue fabric and I love that my man can be part of the Tri Sirena team, too!

These tees make for great gifts—for yourself and for the loving supporters in your life.

peace love long runs open back tee kyra professional triathlete product review

Happy New Year, Sirens!! I can’t wait to see what you will achieve this year, so I hope you’ll keep posting what you’re up to and what you’re wearing with the #wearesirens.

If you have comments or questions beyond what’s up here, please comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

Written by Kyra Wiens, Tri Sirena Pro 

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