Those Cycle Socks May Improve Your Performance!

When Tri Sirena launched our first pair of cycling socks, we were so excited! Not only are they super cute (to match the rest of the Miami 1935 collection), they also have the potential to really improve performance. Some of you may be thinking, "Come on! Socks are socks..." but when you get that first blister during an eight-hour ride, things like socks start to matter a lot more. There are actually a few reasons to think about investing in performance socks. 

  • They are WAY better than cotton.
    • Don't believe us? Take a pair of cotton socks out for a 100-miler and let us know how it goes. Cotton socks may be the most cost-effective option, but they're not the most comfortable.
  • You can get them matchy-matchy!
    • Anyone who has done a race before knows how important it is to feel confident on your bike. There is plenty of research (and personal experience) that proves this. If matching gear makes that happen, we say go for it!
    • Fun colors and designs are a great way to showcase your personality. 
  • Cycle socks were made to fit seamlessly between your foot and your shoe.
    • That means no awkward pressure points, which means less opportunity for that dreaded blister. 
    • A high thread count allows socks to be high quality and durable without being too thick or thin. 
  • Moisture control also means you get to avoid a soggy mess at the end of your ride.
    • The micro-nylon thread we use in our Miami 1935 Cycle Socks provides excellent moisture control. According to an article by Taylor Jones, "the moisture wicking effect of synthetic socks works by directing the sweat from the sole of the foot to the shoes outer, leading to wicking which has a cooling effect on hot feet." (The Science of Cycling Socks). 
  • They're perfect for a stocking stuffer or white elephant gift exchange. The holidays will be here before you know it!
  • If compression is important to you, performance socks are a must. Cyclists may choose compression gear for a variety of reasons. 
    • The tight fit of the sock allows for better functionality of any air vents in your cycle shoe.
    • Compression socks improve blood flow in your lower extremities and can reduce swelling. 
    • Some riders feel that compression gear improves their performance in general. 

Do you wear cycle socks for performance reasons or to show off your personality? Tell us in the comments below!

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