How to Turn Any Run into a Fun Run

Whether you're brand new to running or came out of the womb with a fuel belt in one hand and body glide in the other, every once in a while your run can get...boring. Call it hitting your wall, running out of steam, etc. Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere you're just over it. Your brain is ready to be done. That feeling can be pretty difficult to ignore. If you need some ideas to freshen up your next long run, you have come to the right place! Distract your brain with these strategies. 


  • Switch up your tunes. Check out our Spotify channel here for a new playlist every month!


  • Bring a friend. The one you can talk to for hours, not the one that drives you nuts. (Unless the one who drives you nuts will motivate you to run faster! Haha!)


  • Try a new route. Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to put that pep back in your step. Ask another runner in your area what their favorite trails are or look online.


  • Run during a different time of day. For example, if you normally run in the morning, try heading out during the evening.


  • Join a run club! Many groups hang out for a social hour for a post run pint and meeting new people could freshen up your routine.


  • Focus on small goals if the idea of running ALL THE MILES is too much. Instead of thinking, “I have eight more miles to go” just focus on getting to the next block. Then reassess and see if you can make it just a little further.


  • Practice, practice, practice mental strength. Most runners will tell you, it is just as important to train your brain as it is to train your body.


  • Remember road trip games? They may not be the most mentally stimulating, but hey! Desperate times call for desperate measures. A, Aardvark. B, Bluejay. C, Cheetah…

Try out some of these tricks on your next run, and let us know how it went in the comments below!

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