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How Merlot Can You Go? Our at Home Wine Workout

In honor of International Merlot Day, we decided to share our favorite workout moves that guessed it, WINE! 

You don't need fancy workout equipment or an expensive gym membership to stay in shape. All you need is wine. So many bottles of wine. Because sometimes you don't want to Tri Now, Wine Later. You want wine now and wine later. 

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Sumo Squats 

Grab the biggest bottle of wine you can find. Now, tell us. How Merlot can you go?

Wall Squats

Don't try and tell us you're not a multi-tasker. Grab two wine bottles, drop down low and do some bicep curls with your wall squat! 

Creative Wall Squats

Tired yet? Kick things up a notch and get creative with your wall squat! Chest presses, shoulder flies, and cross punches are all encouraged.  

Tricep Kickbacks

Give your glutes a break and work on those killer arms! 


Is it possible to make pushups harder? Of course. Harder and more fun? Try this move...

That's it! Your workout is done. Do you like our moves? Give us a shout in the comments! 

Happy Merlot Day!

* We really do love wine, but please remember to drink responsibly and always stay hydrated with good old H2O. Use caution performing this workout, and have fun!

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Hahahahaha I cannot even stop laughing. This is bloody brilliant 😂

Simuka Dittmer

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