Womens Cute Sexy Multi Sport Running Cycling Long Sleeve Sun Protective Performance Gear Triathlon How an Aero Skinsuit Can Help Your Race

How an Aero Skinsuit Can Help Your Race

I lined up on the dock, clearing the fog from my goggles for the eighth time in two minutes. We seeded ourselves by expected swim time, as the Olympic distance triathlon followed a “time trial” start.  The swim is my best disciple in triathlon – I grew up as a swimmer, eventually swimming in college and at the 2012 Olympic Trials, so I placed myself within the first five triathletes to line up. 

Just as my goggles are always certain to fog up while swimming, the nerves before a race are bound to rush through me. Most of my nervousness stems from wanting to improve upon past races, but a part of me is also concerned with upholding my “reputation” of being a strong swimmer… guaranteed no one else is scrutinizing my splits and this is totally a false standard I place upon myself as a very mediocre age-group triathlete!

Nevertheless, I want to do well, especially in the swim portion. After crossing the timing mat I jumped into the water to start freestyling, and the top of my two-piece tri suit ballooned up like the parachute kids play with during gym class. All I could think about during the next 1500 meters was the dang drag that my apparel choice was causing. 

Really, there’s got to be a better option for something that stays put while swimming, has a pad in the butt for cycling, and feels light enough to run in. 

After the race (in which I was about 90 seconds faster than the previous year!) I watched the awards ceremony and noticed that the top three females were all wearing a ONE PIECE RACING SUIT. The invention I did not know existed. Next day I got myself one of those bad boys and haven’t looked back since. 

The one-piece aero skinsuits can be intimidating to wear (does not offer the “layering” of the two-piece separates over the mid-section), so that’s something you’ll have to get over as I did. I was also nervous over the possibility of having to go to the bathroom during a race. Wouldn’t an aero skinsuit be hard to take off in order to use the porta-potty? Most likely yes, but how often are you going to the toilet during a sprint, Olympic, or even half-ironman race? None for me. 

The aero skinsuit was such a game-changer for me, and I’m excited to wear the cute, comfortable, stylish, UPF50 Tri Sirena skinsuit this year!  Here are a few other reasons why you should try racing in a skinsuit:

  1. If you’re doing a triathlon, you’re strong. And strong is flattering.
  2. It won’t ride up and flap all over in the swim.
  3. The bottom part stays put even as you exit the swim.
  4. Full sun protection – no separation of top and bottom while biking or running
  5. Tri Sirena aero skinsuits have sleeves which prevent rubbing while swimming or running, and provide sun protection for your shoulders.

I hope you’ll give the Tri Sirena aero skinsuit a “tri” …haha!

By Megan Brunn, Siren Luminary 

Womens Cute Sexy Multi Sport Running Cycling Long Sleeve Sun Protective Performance Gear Triathlon How an Aero Skinsuit Can Help Your Race

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