Go-To Race Day Hairstyles for Long Hair

Go-To Race Day Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do you ever finish a race and your hair is one big knot? It’s happened to me far too many times, which is why I had to master my hair styling techniques for triathlons. I’ve got hair for D-A-Y-S when it comes to length and thickness. I recently chopped off 4 inches sporadically, as well as got it thinned. I will admit I wish I hadn’t been so dramatic as I do feel quite “lighter” but I miss my length! 

Braids save my hair from getting completely destroyed and damaged. Before any race, I always put the Kenra Professional Platinum Revive Oil in it. This stuff is a lifesaver. It not only is super nourishing for your hair, but it also smells heavenly. After swimming, biking, and running for hours, the last thing I want is to be taking a shower trying to get knots out of my hair. This oil is legit a game changer. I purchase mine at Ulta, but it is also available on Amazon. Between the two hairstyles below and this oil, you are sure to prevent extreme knotting and maintain luscious locks! 

2 French Braids aka My Tried-and-True Hairstyle

Go to Race Day Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair Two French Braids Mallory Reinoso Women's Sun Protective Sleeved Triathlon Kits Tri Gear Performance RUnning Ultrarunner triathlete ironman long sleeve swimsuits full coverage UPF50

Fish Tail Braid

Go To Race Day Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair Mallory Reinoso Triathlete Women's Sun Protective Tri Kits Outdoor Performance Gear Long Sleeve Swimsuits UPF50 Full coverage

Wearing a trucker hat is a must for me. In my opinion, the bigger the better! The more sun you can keep off your face, the more you’ll thank yourself later. These two hairstyles allow a hat to fit comfortably on top, as well as easy for a swim cap to go over them. 

Go To Race Day Hair Styles for Long THick Hair Under Helmet Cycle Swim Bike Run Triathlon WOmen's Sun Protective Outdoor Tri Kits UPF50 Long SLeeve Full Coverage

Happy Tri-ing! 

Written by Mallory Reinoso, Siren Luminary 

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