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Get in the Zone: Best Podcasts & Books to Enjoy While Running

I don't know about you, but when I'm training hard I go through peaks and valleys. Sometimes when I'm feeling like I need an extra kick in the butt to get me going all I need is a little motivation. I am a huge bookworm and podcast junkie. On my rest days, there is nothing I love more than a cup of coffee, my puppies, a fluffy blanket and a good book to keep my mind excited and in the game. Podcasts are great for the drive into work or even on a long run or ride to get those legs to turn over a little faster. Here is a list of a few of my go-to podcasts and some of my favorite books I have read that are an ultimate high for training.

Let's start with some podcasts:

1. The Rich Roll Podcast

I LOVE this guy. He is epic and will fall into the reading list below as well with his wicked memoir “Ultraman”. The Rich Roll Podcast has been around for quite a while so there are an insane amount of episodes. I love this podcast because not only does it focus specifically on triathlon or sport, but is designed to inspire the mind, body, and spirit. He has some incredible minds on there and has very engaging and thought-provoking conversations. He and his wife are both vegans as well as yogis that are big into meditation. This podcast takes you from David Goggins to Des Linden, to Catra Corbett, to Johann Hari and one of my favorites Yuval Noah Harari. They are longer podcasts that will last a few drives or training sessions. But I feel like I just get so much from listening and it not only inspires my athletic life but makes me question the world and culture around me. I could not speak more highly of this one!

2) Humans of Ultrarunning

This is a pretty new, but cool podcast. Candice Burt, a major player in the popularization of 200-mile races created this one. It is very much ultrarunning focused, not triathlon related, but there is a lot of great stuff on here. She has some very cool guests, my three favorite conversations currently are Courtney Dauwalter, Lucy Bartholomew, and Gene Dykes. Courtney is just crushing the ultra scene but is so chill and humble and I love listening to her speak. Lucy is in her early 20's and is so happy and fun and I once again love her vibes on the lifestyle of running, yoga and a plant-based diet. Gene just makes my heart happy and defies aging. At 70 he broke the marathon record for his age group running a 2:54:23. These are just a few of the fantastic athletes that Candice engages with and I really enjoy listening to different perspectives on racing and just how each ultrarunner approaches the sport.


3) Work Play Love with Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas

This is a very fun and cute podcast. Lauren is a retired professional runner and Jesse is a pro triathlete. They are married and I love how they created a podcast as a “date night” feel. These are shorter conversations, but I think packed with knowledge delivered in more of a Q&A style. They talk a lot about balancing being married, having kids, running a company (Picky Bars), and being a professional athlete. I think they bring a fresh vibe to the work, life, play balance and I really admire their partnership. Definitely worth checking out!

Now for all you bookworms out there, a few good reads to get you through the first half of your training season!

1) Women Who Tri, Alicia DiFabio

This is a wonderful read, and I think very much runs with the values of Tri Sirena. So first just reading the book I laughed, I cried, I related, and my heart left feeling full. Alicia conveys the community of what triathlon provides and how women connect in the sport. I love the individual stories and the honesty with which she writes. She is engaging, and funny and it is impossible to not adore her and want to squeeze into your tri suit and get to work. I think the love of this book was amplified for me because I reached out on social media to Alicia and she responded with such kindness. She is just all around an incredible human being and I think all women should read this great novel.

2) Ultraman, Rich Roll

Like promised from above Rich Roll strikes again. Ultraman was one of the books I read early on in my journey and very much struck a chord. Roll discusses his early years as a highly competitive swimmer and his downward spiral into alcohol and drug addiction combined with bad eating habits. He slowly finds his way out of the darkness through sport and the love of his family. I think his journey is epic and I greatly admire the way he transformed his life, what he has accomplished, and the positive influence he has within the community. This book makes you feel like no matter who you are, you can conquer the world.

3) Runner, Lizzy Hawker

This book makes my soul happy. I find in such a Type A community Lizzy is such a refreshing woman to read about. She is a fantastically successful ultra runner winning major races, but I feel like comes to this sport with a pure heart. Her love of mountains and the outdoors emanates from her writing. One of my most favorite parts of this is her love of running in circles as she relates it to meditation. I feel like I could read this book over and over and get a little something new each time. A life goal of mine is to eventually get my butt to a Lizzy Hawker training camp. She is truly epic and I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did.

4) Run The World, Becky Wade

Becky is an elite road runner who decided to spend a year traveling the world to destinations that pump out extraordinary runners and to learn their secrets. As a runner and a foodie Wade includes recipes at the end of each chapter that the specific culture has a popular dish. I love her competitive spirit and learning about the different areas of the world and how they approach running. It definitely makes you want to lace up your sneakers... but first, bake a new snack for the end of a hard workout. I really love this book and it's cool to follow Wade's continuing journey at the marathon distance.

Women's Sun Protective UPF Multi-Sport Athletic Running Cycling Top Triathlon Best Books and Podcasts to Enjoy While Running

That should be a good start to get your hearts beating with passion for our sport and life! I have many more to add to this list, but let's save that for later. Don't want to overload you with all of my fun go to's! Happy listening and reading my friends! Comment below for some of your favorites and what you think about mine.

Mucho love as always
xo K

Written by Krista Banik, Siren Luminary 

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Women's Sun Protective UPF Multi-Sport Athletic Running Cycling Top Triathlon Best Books and Podcasts to Enjoy While Running

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Great blog. Will definitely be adding some of these to my daily training life….especially on slump days which are happening more frequently.


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