Five Misconceptions About Marathon Running

Five Misconceptions About Marathon Running

Five Common Assumptions Made About Marathon Running

Everyone runs the entire time.
False! Yes, some people do. However, the majority of runners signed up, will walk at some point during the race. Heck, there are even fast walkers whom will outpace slow runners during a race. There are training plans in which the entire strategy is surrounded around run/walk/run. Some people walk through water stations. It is a skill in itself to run and drink from water cups on the course.

Marathon runners are all young and have perfect Instagram worthy abs.
Yeah, no. What is young anyways? And you can’t photoshop life, live. The majority of marathon runners are between the age of 30 and 50. Go watch a local race and see who shows up and finishes. Watching the 80+ year old, the parent pushing a stroller, the person in the wheelchair and more, cross the finish line, is humbling. There is a diverse range of participants, from all different backgrounds, coming together to share the mental and physical feat of accomplishing their goal.

The goal of marathon running is to win.
Yes, if you are talking about, against yourself. No, if you are talking about placing. The majority of participants are not running a marathon to place in their age group or overall. There are so many other goals you can accomplish by completing a marathon. Beating a personal record is one. It can be incredibly difficult to shed seconds off of a personal record. When it happens, it feels AMAZING! Note: for the first race, finishing is the personal record. Another, is sharing in someone else’s goal and being part of their journey. It is so satisfying to invest in your own personal health, to show up and stick with it. It can even be about running to honor another or raise money for a cause. Marathon running is so much more than winning.

Marathon running is only for people who have been running their whole life.
Nope. People are not runners until they are. I was never a runner until I decided to be. I was always the slowest person when running laps in gym class and avoided running like the plague. I ran my first two miles straight in the same year I finished my first full marathon. If I can do it, you can too. The trick is having a training plan and sticking to it.

Marathon running is all physical.
Tell that to every doubt you ever had about yourself as it enters your head during the race. Marathon running takes some serious mental strength. Our bodies are capable of a lot… I mean think about childbirth. It is so much easier to focus on why not and stop, then it is to preserve, find the inner grit and accomplish the goal. Running a marathon means showing yourself you are capable of overcoming every doubt, any shame, and proving to yourself you are capable of anything.

Written By: Stephanie Williammee, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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