Fitness is a Way of Life

I can't pinpoint exactly when fitness began in my life. Maybe it was early childhood, when I joined a soccer team and woke up for early morning swim practice each summer. Year after year, my body was constantly in motion. Then, after high school, when I stopped competitive sports, fitness remained a part of who I was - but in a different way. It was no longer about being fast for a cross country meet or strong for an upcoming soccer season. When I decided not to run in college, I didn't hang up my running shoes, but instead I began to love it even more. It became about feeling strong and healthy in my body each and every day. I run and train now because it makes me calm and free and I love the feeling I get when I finish.


If your job doesn't require you to be in motion, fitness is something you have to schedule and make time for. Being a lawyer, I find myself sedentary too often than I would like. But I've still made fitness a part of my daily routine, much like brushing my teeth. It becomes second nature. I go to the gym or run in the park before work each morning and practice yoga at night. It's a routine that works for me, and that's the beauty of motion - it's different for everyone. Sure, some mornings I'm tired, but I still get out of bed. And by the time I get to work, I'm so happy I did. That's my secret to maintaining my fitness year after year. You just have to do it. No excuses. Make sure you find a motion you love. It becomes a way of life.

Without fitness in my life, it would not be complete. I fully embrace the sweat, the burn and the endurance. I crave it. Plus, it's taught me that hard work doesn't change things over night. I train for a running race slowly, not all in one day. My long runs aren't all out - but a steady pace. It's helped me understand that hard work pays off the in long run. I've translated that into my studies and now into my profession. You'll eventually get to where you need to be, but all this hard work you are putting in each day - that's all part of the journey!

Written by Anna Newell Beck

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