Climbing Mental Mountains

Climbing Mental Mountains

"Staying positive during the day helps meet any challenge with strength. Ending the day centered in meditation helps ground me."

We are closing in on the end of 2020 and it has seemed like an uphill battle ever since the start. It would be easy to surrender to this year and chalk it up as a loss, but I have kept on battling and have persevered. I have not only tried to keep physically healthy while triathlon training in my amazing and protective Tri Sirena gear, but I have also tried to "train" my mind to keep my mental health top priority.

Our minds have amazing amounts of control over everything we do. And having a healthy mind sets the tone for how we will seize the day. Starting the day on a positive note always makes me a better wife, parent, coworker, friend, and nurse. Staying positive during the day helps meet any challenge with strength. Ending the day centered in meditation helps ground me. Here are 3 ways that have kept my mind healthy and strong to help climb those mountains during this crazy year:

1. Gratitude: Every morning I wake up, make my cup of coffee, turn on my oil diffuser, and open up my journal. I am not one to write down my inner-most secrets and feelings, but what I do like to do is write down what I am grateful for. It always starts with being grateful for my family and ends with something as little as "the creamer in my coffee". Research suggests that gratitude not only has a direct impact on satisfaction with life but also evokes positive emotion, which is a great way to start the day!

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2. Positive Podcasts: To keep the positivity going during the day I love to listen to podcasts that are inspirational and educational. Listening to others who have positive and inspirational stories carries me through the day with gratitude and motivation. Knowing that others have struggled but have persevered through crisis keeps my mind focused- helping me climb mountains and make it to the top despite the daily struggles.

3. Meditation: Along with journaling in the morning, I try to meditate at least 5 minutes at night. Meditating helps calm the mind and center the body before ending the day. Meditation has been shown to help people better manage emotions, become more self-aware, have greater self-acceptance and acceptance of others and circumstances.

Sometimes I may get out of habit in doing any of these three things, but I always come back to them, knowing they all help me climb mountains and summit any challenge. I hope a combination of any of these three things keep your mind healthy and strong to help conquer any mountain in 2020 and beyond.

Written By: Angela Kirkendall, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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