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Benefits of Biking to Work

The idea of biking to work may, at first, seem insane. The stuff of fitness fanatics and health nuts, but more and more people are doing it. They’re discovering it’s not nearly as much trouble as they suspected and, unsurprisingly, that it can be enormously advantageous in a number of different ways.

Since tomorrow is national Bike to Work Day (can we get a heck yeah!), it seems appropriate to highlight some of the many benefits that hopping on your bike and heading off to work brings with it! 


It’s Physically Good For You

biking to work increases mental and physical health
We’re not done with the numbers yet. People who bike to work have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 40% lower risk of dying from it. Excuse us, we’ll just be on our bikes.It should come as a surprise to no one that physical activity and exercise are good for you. What may come as a surprise is just how good it can be. A large recent study by Harvard University indicates that commuters who cycled to work had a 41% lower risk of dying than people who drove or took public transport. They also had a 46% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and a 52% lower risk of dying from it.


It’s Mentally Good For You

So called green exercises like biking to work have been shown to improve mental health and make you happier. Getting stuck in traffic and waiting in line for public transport aren’t fun and can even increase cortisol levels. This then creates unnecessary stress in your life.

Biking, on the other hand, can act like therapy. It gives you time to think while you breathe in the air and take in the sites. Also, you’re almost always moving when you’re on a bike. Yes, sometimes you’re moving slowly, but at least you're moving. The stop and go traffic of cars can be incredibly frustrating.

One final thought? Exercising outdoors, even more so than in a gym, has been proven to boost self-confidence and improve overall mood.


It Can Save You A Surprising Amount Of Money

you'll save moneyThe average American spends around $2,000 on gasoline every year. That, plus the cost of buying a car itself and its periodic repair, brings the annual cost of owning a car to around $9,000. That’s nothing to thumb your nose at. Most Americans don’t account for the variable expenses of owning a car. They just think of the upfront costs and forget about all else.

Bikes, on the other hand, retail anywhere from $250-$1,500 and only cost about $50 per year to maintain. With savings of, at least, $7,000 per year that’s quite a difference.



It’s Convenient

It’s a common misconception that biking to work is inconvenient. People think that just because you’re moving slower on a bike, it means that they’re less convenient. With cars, you need to take parking and stopping for gas into account. What could be a bigger time waster than spending ten minutes every day searching for a parking spot? Bikers don’t have to wait in traffic, and they don’t have to search for parking spots. So, if you live within ten to fifteen miles of your workplace, it might be worth it to try biking.

There you have it, all the greatest benefits of biking to work. So, get out there and hit the open road! And if you’re a woman check out our comfortable, sun-protective athletic apparel. It’s perfect for biking!


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