Being a Siren Luminary

Being a Siren Luminary

Community: Why I Love the Tri Sirena Sisterhood and Being a Siren Luminary

Ever since I discovered my love for running, I realized there was one aspect of being an athlete that really drives me – and that is being part of a community. There are all sorts of clubs, teams, and subdivisions of athletes based on just about anything from running for fun, training towards goals together, or competing hard and celebrating afterwards. There really is nothing like the camaraderie of fellow athletes on race day and the feeling of being a part of something big. Out of all the groups I have been a part of, nothing compares to being a part of the Tri Sirena sisterhood. Why? Simply because I have never been a part of a group more invested in saving my life.

I've had the privilege of being a part of a few different communities since taking up running and triathlon. I am a part of a running club where I've met not only a handful of lifelong friends – but my husband as well. The first local triathlon team I joined provided me with invaluable lessons from more experienced athletes and it helped me see the diversity in our sport across race, gender, age and abilities. Not a whole lot compares to seeing familiar faces while out running on favorite routes or high fives before races and reliving the highlight reel after the finish line. Communities give us something to share, something to help push each other, and a group of people who help us make these solo sports feel bigger than just ourselves.

Tri Sirena Reflective Triathlon Gear

So what is so special about the Tri Sirena Luminary Team and the larger Siren community? It is more than just athletics. My Tri Sirena squad has my back and Stefani, the brand's founder, wants to make sure we are really covered. This brand is about more than just gorgeous gear for training and racing- but to make sure we all do it while protecting ourselves from the sun. More than a few of the women on our team not only crush Ironmans, but they've crushed skin cancer and are sharing their stories as well. Talk about a group of badass ladies! It's been very eye-opening to learn about the serious side of skin cancer and to see and hear stories of what it really looks like. It's a whole lot less of “just getting a spot zapped off” and a whole lot more of large excisions to remove malignancies before they spread. Yeah, it is THAT serious. And thankfully I'm a part of this community that wants to make sure myself and as many other athletes and women AND MEN out there are doing what they can to prevent having it happen to them. That means being diligent about reapplication of sunscreen, using UPF 50 clothing, and being aware of the effects of sun exposure.

All Female Triathlon TeamIn my first year as a Luminary, I've only had the pleasure of meeting one other Siren in real life, but we've all formed a strong sisterhood online. We have shared training stories, cheered and live-tracked as our fellow Luminaries complete races around the world, and we've been there for each other as all some of us have done the awfully scary thing of getting our first full body skin check. We have watched as ladies from our group cross off bucket list races and distances, and shared personal stories of exciting things happening in each of our lives. We ask for and give out advice on everything from new bike shoes to natural sunscreens to how to train around big life decisions. This support system is unlike any other community I have been a part of and has taught me that as scary as that first visit to the dermatologist might be, early detection could be the thing that saves my life.

Written By: Kristy Wang, Tri Sirena Siren Luminary
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