Ashley Tries: Instagram Couples Workout

Ashley Tries: Instagram Couples Workout

You know those super fit Instagram couples? The ones who do one handed pushups and parkour all over the gym in their matching outfits? I've never seen them in real life, but the internet is chock full of them! This Valentine's Day I felt inspired to try a couples workout in REAL LIFE.


Whether you're joining forces with your bestie, having a gym date with your bae or just taking a group fitness class, working out with a partner has many benefits. In fact, 94% of people stick to their fitness programs when they workout together. Personally, I used to absolutely hate working out with my hubby-to-be, Jack. After dating for two or three months we decided to try P90X together. As a runner/triathlete who had only dabbled with weights before, this was unknown territory for me. But Jack had done this before. He was constantly checking my form and giving me suggestions. To the point where I had a panic attack and literally ran away. Cardio was my safe place and I wasn't exactly welcoming this new regimine with open arms. It took a few months of consistently breaking a sweat together before I embraced his help. Like everything else in a relationship, it took work from both sides. He learned how to give constructive criticism (only when I ask for it or when I'm about to hurt myself) and I learned how to ask for help and be open to new things. 

Sticking to a healthy routine is an important part of both of our lives. We always try to motivate and support each other. Jack hates running and had never been to a triathlon before we met, but he has been at every one of my races cheering me on. Even better? He agreed to try this workout with me AND to have it photographed. What a guy! 

I have to admit, this one was tough. Jack held a wall squat while I attempted some elevated pushups. You could also hold plank in this position.

Switch! I preferred this one since I got to hold the wall squat and watch him do the pushups. He wasn't super confident about me holding his feet. 

We laughed the most trying to do "Squats in Sync" because it looked easy but for some reason was really difficult. We were supposed to be holding hands but that wasn't working out. Maybe it was the height difference?

Next up, abs. The scariest part of this was being up on his shoulders (disclaimer: don't try this with someone you don't trust!). Once I got over the height factor, I was actually able to get some crunches in. 


After your workout, try cooling down with a spontaneous water bottle fight! 

So maybe we don't look as cool as the couples on Instagram, but we got our sweat on together and had fun doing it. If you've never worked out with a partner, try it out! Let me know what you think. Happy Valentines Day!


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