Ashley Tries: Dash and Drink 5k

I sort of went about my fitness journey backwards, starting out with a half marathon then moving on to sprint triathlon. I didn't do a 5k until almost a year after my first race. So when I saw the Dash and Drink 5k race was going to be in my town...I couldn't resist. Given the choice between running it solo or as a relay, I also couldn't resist inviting two of my friends to join me. *Insert devil emoji here* Lucky for me it didn't take too much coaxing. Chance and Carli were my two partners in crime for this and we decided to call ourselves "The Three Muskabeers"! 

We signed up and prepared ourselves for the worst. We were all concerned about the same thing...burping. That burping turning into vomiting. It's a legitimate fear when you chug a beer, run half a mile. Chug ANOTHER beer, run back. It wasn't the running part I was worried about or the chugging of the beer. It was the combination of the two! 

That morning was muggy and overcast, which I took as a blessing since the only thing that could have made this more challenging would have been that good ole South Texas heat. The Dash and Drink 5k is a new race so there weren't a ton of people there but everyone was excited and friendly. Even though I was only running a mile, I was still a little nervous which is typical for me at a race. Chance was first up, chugged his beer like a pro and took off. We were off to a great start! Apparently this first leg of the race was the gnarliest, he warned us after passing the baton off to Carli. Some runners had already gotten sick. But Carli drank her summer ale down and was off sprinting. Now my nerves were really kicking in. 




Carli made it back in record time and I was up. I grabbed the baton and started swigging, trying my best not to ingest too much of the foam from the top of the beer. After I finished, I ran off towards the halfway mark. I kept reminding myself, the goal is not for time. The goal is to finish and not lose my lunch. So, I paced myself. When the table full of beer that marked the halfway point appeared on the horizon, I steeled myself for another round of chugging.

Let me tell you...the second beer does not go down as easy as the first. But as soon as I saw another runner approaching the table I drank the remainder of the bottle and took off. Lucky there wasn't anyone else around because it was burp city for that first quarter mile. Then, as is typical for me, as soon as I saw the finish line I straight up booked it. It doesn't matter if I'm running a half marathon or a 5k, when I see that finish line I am done. 



We ended up taking sixth place, which isn't too shabby in my opinion. This was a fun race for a great cause, and everyone there was awesome! We stayed after for some yoga and juice, then it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy a post race pint!



Written by Ashley Pettigrew

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