Anyone Can Be a "Runner"

Running hasn’t always been easy. I still haven’t hit my peak and sometimes, I don’t even like it. But deep down… I really love running. The burning feeling in my calves, the sweaty, tangled mess of hair, the chafing in terrible places, the runs where I want to just stop, or the feeling when crossing a finish line, pressing stop on my watch after a great run, or breaking personal records; I love it all! The good, the bad and the ugly.

For me, running is a release. It makes me happy to run, it makes me feel strong to push my body to its limits. Running has become a part of my life. As I started getting involved in the running community, even on social media, I have found so many inspiring runners. Runners who can run miles in times I dream of, runners who have the body I strive for, runners who have such an awesome attitude that I want to be best friends with them (and they don’t even know it, ha!). I get inspired by other people’s running, but also by my own success. To see how far I have come makes me love running even more. Beating my own time or running my fastest race is an amazing feeling and a total addiction. The “runners high” for me is real. So I crave that feeling. Not only do I find motivation and inspiration from within, I also find it in other runners. I love following other people’s running journey and seeing them experience many of the same things I do. Maybe at a different level, but still that same happy, exciting, can’t wait to run again feeling. 

I have realized you don’t have to finish a Boston marathon (or any marathon/race for that matter), run sub 8 minute miles or have all the awesome gadgets (although I have a few) to be a runner. I have learned that if you run, you’re a runner, that simple. You just lace up and go! So if you ever look at someone else & think to yourself that you want to be a “runner” like them, know that you don’t have to think about it, you just have to do it! Just always try to run happy, friends!


Written by Rachel Capone

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