6 health benefits of tequila weight loss osteoporosis dementia

6 Fun Health Benefits of Tequila!

I have never really been of fan of wine, martinis or mixed drinks. But tequila is a whole different story! After much research, I have found some surprising health benefits from drinking tequila. (I am talking about small amounts!)  

1. It can help you lose weight

Crazy, right? Generally, the rule is if you want to lose weight, don’t drink alcohol. If you can manage to drink a controlled amount of tequila you can benefit from the weight-loss properties of agavins, which are a particular kind of sugar in tequila. Not be confused with agave nectar. Agavins have a less refined structure which doesn’t raise the blood sugar levels. As a result, many of the calories pass through the system unused as opposed to other alcohol sugars, which are not so index friendly. It also stimulates the metabolism and helps to dissolve fats.

2. It aids digestion

Taking a shot of tequila after a meal has been linked to aiding digestion as well. Some research suggests a shot before a meal to rev up your metabolism, and then a shot after to soothe and assist digestion.

Shot- Shot –Shot! 

6 health benefits of tequila weight loss osteoporosis dementia

3. It’s a probiotic

Some of the fructans (which tequila is derived from) actually supply these good guys- probiotics!

4. It may help fight osteoporosis

Again, agavins! They have been linked in several studies to aiding the body in calcium absorption, and therefore, might be a viable option for preventing the development of fragile or brittle bones.

5. It may lower chances of developing dementia

 Studies show a link between people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol (including tequila) to having a lower incidence of dementia later in life.

6. It doesn’t give you a hangover

...That is, if you drink the high shelf stuff. Again, you have to drink “100% agave” tequila to get this benefit. Cheaper brands will be filled with other sugar alcohols.

6 important health benefits of tequila margarita best alcohol for weight loss osteoporosis

No alcohol is healthy, but if you’re going to have a drink once in a while, tequila might not be such a bad choice.


Written by Alesha Hacker, Siren Luminary

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Thank you for explaining that tequila could be linked to aiding the body in calcium absorption. I’ve been worried that I’ll develop some pretty brittle bones since I haven’t been too diligent with my calcium intake over the last few years. I’ll be sure to look into these studies and see how it could be best implemented in my life. https://www.tuliostacos.com/fort-lauderdale

Olivia Smart

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