5 Tips for Having the Best Triathlon You Can

5 Tips for Having the Best Triathlon You Can

Deciding to take the plunge and run, swim, and bike your first triathlon isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes dedication, training, and a desire to push yourself to your limits. In fact, it takes a desire to exceed your limits, set new ones, and smash those too.


If you’re a triathlete extraordinaire, you already know what it takes. You know how difficult it can be, but also how rewarding it feels to cross that finish line after months of training. You know the satisfaction you get jumping out of the water and onto your bike. You know the small moments of glory that make all the work worth it.   


Whether you’re a triathlon first-timer or you’ve been doing them for years, you can always use some help. We’ve put together a list of our five favorite tips for having the best triathlon you can. Check them out below!  


Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard in One Section

This is the most important piece of advice we can give you…and also the most overlooked. Everyone pushes themselves past their limits. That’s part and parcel of deciding to do a triathlon. There’s a limit to how far you should push yourself, though.


The fastest runner rarely wins. The quickest swimmer rarely wins. The most agile biker rarely wins. The point is, don’t treat your triathlon like a sprint. It most certainly isn’t. Don’t put all your energy into one part and don’t wear yourself out too early.


Success is All About Your Training

Makes sense, right? You’re not going to train halfheartedly for six months and have a perfect triathlon. So train, train, train, train some more, then train just a little bit more.


You’ll want to pay attention to the following when you’re training:


  • Don’t ever make an excuse not to train. If it’s too cold to swim, jump on your bike. If it’s too rainy to bike, hit the gym. If it’s too busy at the gym…you get the point.
  • Train hardest on your weakest sport.
  • Train your transitions. It might seem easy to go from swimming to biking, but make sure you have your transitions down so you don’t waste any time or potentially hurt yourself.
  • Train bricking. It’ll be a grueling workout, but it’ll be worth it when you’re more conditioned for the triathlon itself.


There are about 10,000 more training tips, but those are some of our favorites. Pay attention to those areas and you’ll be in good shape for your triathlon.


Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

Now, before you accuse us of getting all promotional, hear us out. Making sure you have the right gear makes a HUGE difference in both your comfort and performance during the triathlon. From making sure your helmet offers the right level of protection without being too heavy to making sure your shorts don’t ride up uncomfortably, you’ll want to invest in some pro gear.


Bonus points for picking up a triathlon suit. This one-piece performance-based suit will help you transition from water to land, wick off excess sweat, keep your temperature regulated (thanks to Cool Black technology), and so much more.


Investing in quality triathlon gear makes the entire experience better. Trust us.


Get Mentally Prepared and Stay Mentally Prepared

This tip is all about focus, mental strength, and endurance. Triathlons are grueling and making sure you’re as strong mentally and emotionally as you are physically is key. So, get prepared!


Understand that some days your training will be like pulling teeth and others it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Some days you’ll break down crying and others you’ll be running on sunshine. Some days you’ll give up and others you’ll start again.


All of these days are okay. As long as you don’t give up for good, you’re okay. A certain level of indecision is perfectly normal and even expected! Remember that we’re in your corner and so are your loved ones.


So, are you set on having the best triathlon you possibly can? Then start shopping our performance gear now!

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